How Forgiveness Changed My Life

It took me a long time to get to the point where I could appreciate every moment and be truly happy. I have gotten to this point because I learned how to forgive. Forgiveness has set me free. It has freed me from my past and from my future. It has given me the space to create the life I really want to live.

Most people think that forgiveness is more about the other person. When you forgive, you condone the actions of the person who has hurt you. This is not the case. The truth is that forgiveness is all about letting go of resentment, bitterness, and negative feelings. The truth is that forgiveness is all about making space within you for love and acceptance. It has very little to do with the person who has hurt you.

Forgiveness is not about ignoring whatever happened to you. When you truly forgive someone, you process the event fully and your emotions about it. You feel the betrayal. You feel the anger. And then you make the decision to let go of it and forgive. You see that everyone is just doing the best job they know how to do with the knowledge and experience they have been given.

When you don’t forgive, that is like eating poison and expecting someone else to be hurt. Forgiveness is magical. It can transform your entire life. When you forgive others, you will feel more connected to them. And then you will finally see what brings us together as a human race.

Forgiveness has completely changed my life. When I started to forgive people, my relationships got so much better, and my life became so much easier. I began to feel lighter. I was able to accomplish more of what I wanted to accomplish. Things started going my way. When you don’t hold onto bitterness and resentment, you are not so heavy. I am so grateful that I discovered the power of forgiveness, and I highly encourage all of you to forgive whenever you can.