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5 Responses to “Why Do You Do What You Do?”


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  1. Hi Sherri,
    I think taking inventory of our time is a greatly positive thing! We need to find what we are doing well and do more of it. By exploring why we are doing what we are doing it allows us to really delve into what we need. This will lead to alot more self-satisfaction! Thanks for the wisdom Sherri!
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  2. thomas

    well if i read the questions from my perspective i come back with the question asking me why you do what you do not why do i (myself do what i do ) so since i cant possibly fully understand why you do what you do i can only offer a number of reasons why i think that you do what you do. one of those ideas is social conditioning and the effect is has on you. peer pressure and any number of other ideas and reasons are possible but any way i think that these are some of the conclusions that i hope people come to and recognize form asking them self the question of why do i do what i do? however on a personal not to answer why i do what i do i would have to say that i want to belong like even now as i am writing this its because i feel i have for the first time found others that speak on my level and i have a desire to connect with those people so that’s why i am doing what i am currently doing.

    ps sorry for the bad grammar and all i know it sucks currently i cant help that

  3. Courage

    Your words have gone a long way in helping me put my life in perspective.

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