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  1. Wow, thanks so much, Sherri! I’m honored to be counted among the other bloggers on your list — those that I know and those that I can’t wait to check out!
    Mandi @ Organizing Your Way ´s last blog ..Win a Copy of Jamie Martin’s Steady Days! My ComLuv Profile

  2. Wow Sherri, thanks for your kind words and for including me in your list. As you probably noticed, I have just relaunched my blog last week. It’s awesome to be included in your list so soon after the relaunch.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi Dr. Sherri!
    Hey, thanks for adding me to this group of lively, fiery, inspiring, edgy bloggers – I’m honored that you’d include me amongst some of my favorite bloggers – those who I also deeply respect, too. And, that includes you, too, missy!

    Your blog was one of the first blogs I started reading, and it’s certainly been a pleasure getting to know you better in 2009 and now in 2010.

    Thanks, again, Sherri, and also for introducing me to a few new people, too.

    For Number Thirty – I’d like to add Sami – a crazy-inspiring Aussie from Life, Laughs, and Lemmings who’s guaranteed to make you smile. I’ve actually featured a story of hers at my site this weekend (linked to my comment) if you want some laughs today.

    That’s an awesome idea to leave the last in the list “blank” to have us nominate in the comments. Great idea, Sherri.

    I hope all is well; it’s great to see you again! Keep rocking the interwebs. ;)
    Lori´s last blog ..Front Porch: Cardboard Sleds, Machu Picchu, and Sami May My ComLuv Profile

  4. OMG, Sherri! This is an AWESOME list! I was so disappointed when I saw the list on problogger because it was mostly blogs about blogging, or people who had already made it to the big leagues. I always thought these lists of “who to watch” should be newer faces… blogs that aren’t huge yet, but might be soon.

    Anyway, I think you’ve captured it beautifully here. What an amazing roundup! So many of my favorites are right here on this page. Henri is certainly one of the newest, but he’s really pounced on the scene in a big way.

    Another that has tremendous potential is Diggy, from Upgrade Reality. I’m keeping my eye on that kid. ;)
    Lisis´s last blog ..The Star Trek Guide to Enlightenment My ComLuv Profile

  5. Thanks for adding me to this great list Sherri, you’ll have to add yourself to it as well of course! One other blog to add for the record would be Alex Lickerman at “Happiness In This World” http://www.happinessinthisworld.com
    Julian´s last blog ..Why Aren’t You Living Your Dreams? My ComLuv Profile

  6. What a great list! Well, everyone except that Jay guy. What a hack HE is! But these others, yeah. Wow. Some really awesome people here. I think you should be on this list, Sherri. You’re my #30. But only cause you asked for #30. If it was up to me, you’d be much higher on the list :)
    Jay Schryer´s last blog ..The Miracle My ComLuv Profile

  7. Sherri–I’m so blown away to be included here!

    Thanks so much, and I’ll definitely be checking out the links above to bloggers who are new to me….

    steadymom´s last blog ..STEADY DAYS – Shine Your Light My ComLuv Profile

  8. Wow, I am so honored to be on this list! The blogs I do know are amazing, and the ones I don’t, well I can tell you what I’ll be doing for the next hour-devouring them!

    Thank you.

  9. Oh forgot my #30! Other than you, I would say the one blog I always go back to for inspiration is Remodeling This Life. I love Emily’s blog. Remodeling, gorgeous photos, and inspirational ideas all wrapped up in her warm, fun, and REAL writing. What more could you want?
    Kelly Whalen´s last blog ..Whalen Family Pizza dough My ComLuv Profile

  10. Great list! Thanks for including me :)

    This is nice because, unlike a lot of the lists I see, I haven’t seen most of these before. Looks like I have got some reading to do!

  11. Thank you so much for thinking of me and counting me worthy to be on such an awesome list! I admire many of these bloggers and have learned much from them in my blogging journey (all four or so months of it :) ).

    For the #30 spot, I’d definitely include you on this list Sherri for both of your great sites. I also have a few favorites in the financial/work niche that I think are making a big impact and growing like crazy. Those would include Brad from Enemy of Debt and Pat from Smart Passive Income Blog. Great guys and awesome blogs!

  12. Have a look at my friend Dee Wilcox’s blog, http://createperch.com.

    She shares amazing ideas of innovation and creativity. You’ll enjoy it. I’m sure of it!
    Aaron Reddin´s last blog ..Teaching Organizations How to Leverage Social Media My ComLuv Profile

  13. Fascinating list – I’ll definitely be checking these out!

    In the latter half of 2009, I got extremely busy. I used to pride myself on keeping an eye on the up and comers but it became something I wasn’t able to do. I was barely able to do my own stuff.

    I appreciate this list because its done a lot of the work for me. Actually, Alex Fayle was originally on my Problogger one. I only removed him because I’d read he was going to stop blogging.

    Mary Jaksch is something I’ve been watching too. I think she’s awesome.

    Henri is someone that has caught my attention but I haven’t had the time to check out. Thanks for the reminder.

    Also Josh – I’ve seen his guest posts but have never actually checked out his blog.

    I’ll be linking to this in my follow up post. I’m so glad you took my post in the spirit that it was intended and extended on the idea. Its really awesome.

    - Jade
    Jade Craven´s last blog ..My First Ebook Is Up: The Guest Post Mini Guide My ComLuv Profile

  14. I’d love to be on one of these lists at some point. I started a blog 3 years ago as a hobby and it’s turned into such a huge operation that I could actually quit my day job if I wanted to.

    Great list…thanks for sharing!
    Todd – Home Construction Improvement´s last blog ..Using Infrared Camera To Identify Radiant Heat Location My ComLuv Profile

  15. Holy Moly. Thank you Sherri! You’re my #30.
    Rachel´s last blog ..My Real-Life, Practical Daily Routine My ComLuv Profile

  16. I’ve only made it through a couple of their sites at this point, but those are some fascinating bloggers. I would also add Steve Kamb over at nerdfitness.com. I think his site is really really going to take off this year. Smart, funny, and topically appropriate writing. Too many good bloggers out there, and not enough hours to read it all.

  17. Thanks for a great list. I can’t wait to check out the blogs I’m not already familiar with. For #30, I would add you (love both this and the Zen Family Habits sites!), Tsh at Simple Mom, and Ree at Pioneer Woman.
    Stacey | :simple:balance:´s last blog ..Irony in Balance My ComLuv Profile

  18. There are many and here are a few:

    There are three people you want to watch 2010. And of course if you choose to follow my radio show I promise to continue to have stellar interviews.

    Michele Price´s last blog ..Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio Show-Code Switching-Audrey Nelson My ComLuv Profile

  19. Sherri,
    I am so honored to be included on this list. There are several wonderful individuals I know on this list, and all of them are not only top-rate bloggers, they are also world-class human beings. So, to be included amongst these is humbling and deeply appreciated. And there are several who are new to me, that I am sure are just as wonderful as those I do know – you have an eye for some amazing talent out there!

    And speaking of which – YOU should be on this list too! There are many whom I know and find deep value from – one of which is Evita Ochel from Evolving Beings (her depth of heart is so touching).

    Sherri, thank you once again for this wonderful gift today! And really, for being such a shining light of hope and beauty in this world…
    Lance´s last blog ..Sunday Thought For The Day My ComLuv Profile

  20. Nice list Sherri, some of my favorite bloggers are featured here. There definitely is a tide of top quality personal development talent moving up the ranks.
    Jonathan – Advanced Life Skills´s last blog ..Time to Focus on Abundance Instead of Scarcity My ComLuv Profile

  21. Wow! Thank you! I am so honoured to have made your list.

    And thank you Jade for almost including me on the Problogger list.

    And yes, Jade was right – after taking a long hard look at what I do and why, I’ve decided to take a significant step back away from blogging because my number one passion is my fiction and as much as I love helping people with their Somedays, my own Somedays need to come first.

    I’m totally blown away however that the two of you considered me for your lists.

    Thank you!

    PS I’m not abandoning blogging altogether – just cutting back significantly (to one or two posts a month).
    Alex Fayle ¡ Someday Syndrome´s last blog ..Dealing with Detours & Limited Visibility: Planning vs Living My ComLuv Profile

  22. Hi, Sherri! It’s an honor to be included here. We’re in good company, as you’ve chosen some excellent bloggers. I echo Lance’s comment — the people behind these blogs really shine. I also think you should be included on your own list, so my #30 is you!
    Alison | Quest for Balance´s last blog ..The Star Trek Guide to Enlightenment My ComLuv Profile

  23. Wohoo. Thanks for telling everyone how I awesome I am, Sherri! :)

    I was going to say something funny while reading the rest of the entry but I forgot. Anyway, two of my picks for bloggers to watch are Oleg (olegmokhov.com) and Jordan (notaproblog.com).

    I completely agree about the original list over at Problogger, which I thought already contained people who were rocking it, but oh well, this list is pretty awesome.

    You also gave me some new blogs to watch, so thanks for that!
    Henri Junttila´s last blog ..How to Use the Law of Attraction My ComLuv Profile

  24. I know some of the folks on this list and they’re great. if I could add to it, I’d say Mark Dykeman at http://broadcastingbrain.com, Hunter Nuttall at http://hunternutall.com, and Naomi Dunford at http://ittybiz.com.
    Michael Martine´s last blog ..Why To Blog As Yourself (Even if That’s Not What You Sell) My ComLuv Profile

  25. Oh, I forgot my two favourite blogs – The Happiness Project to http://www.happiness-project.com/ and Unclutterer.com http://www.unclutterer.com – neither of which are particularly new or missing readers, but they cover two of the three pillars of Someday Syndrome and I love reading them.
    Alex Fayle ¡ Someday Syndrome´s last blog ..Dealing with Detours & Limited Visibility: Planning vs Living My ComLuv Profile

  26. Great list, Sherri! There are some familiar names, but others I can’t wait to check out.

  27. These all look great! I will have to set aside some time to take a deeper look at them.
    Jules – Big Girl Bombshell´s last blog ..Monday Morning Stretch My ComLuv Profile

  28. I would say that this is an AWESOME LIST except (as Spock Prime would say) it would seem self serving.

    But I love love LOVE who you have included in this. You have included some of my favorite bloggers and incredible writers whose awesome, I am glad to see, is not overlooked.
    Hayden Tompkins´s last blog ..Cats! Evil? My ComLuv Profile

  29. Sherri, What a fantastic and helpful post! I can’t wait to explore the folks on your top 30–

    You are such a generous, encouraging, “pass it forward” woman! You would be top on my list of bloggers to watch, it’s obvious you’re on fire :) Can’t wait to see the wonderful stuff you have in store for this year!
    Lisa @ WellGrounded Life´s last blog ..10 Secrets of a Health Coach My ComLuv Profile

  30. Wonderful list, I’ll be sure to check them all out, I bet I can learn a lot from them.

    I just wish I could check their sites from my work place. But unfortunately most are blocked. I’ll be sure to check them all out!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Alejandro Reyes´s last blog ..Friday fun… My ComLuv Profile

  31. Great list of folks there

    There is a wealth of information, experience and diversity to be found online.

    Jon | Adventures of the Fearless´s last blog ..Yes You Can My ComLuv Profile

  32. We are just honored to be on your list amongst so many wonderful writers! So great to have this network of bloggers that enjoy “the craft” so. Happy 2010 Sherri!

  33. jen

    your list is way better. it seems like all any of the ones on the other list are trying to accomplish so many of the same thing. anyway, i couldn’t agree with some of the people on your list more – especially lance at the jungle of life.
    jen´s last blog ..FREE quisp t-shirt giveaway! My ComLuv Profile

  34. WOW! I’m honored to be on this list of awesome bloggers. Thanks so much for including Positively Present. I’m a fan of many of the other sites you’ve mentioned and I can’t wait to check out the sites I’m not yet familar with. Thanks!
    Positively Present´s last blog ..guest post: resting in awareness My ComLuv Profile

  35. http://livingenergyworks.com/blog/ is written by Karen Kallie – a Reiki expert and energy educator – and Peg Donahue – a Feng Shui expert. It has lots of great inspirational material to help you make a better life.

  36. Sherri – Excellent list! I’m not saying that just because I’m on it either. ;)

    Thank you so much for including me! It is obvious that you spent a good deal of time putting this together and it is a very nice resource. There are certainly some bloggers on here that I’m going to have to check out.

    One that I’d suggest adding to the list is Brad at http://www.enemyofdebt.com. I’ve been very impressed with his efforts.
    Jeff@MySuperChargedLife´s last blog ..Reap What You Sow: 10 Keys to Achieving Your Goals My ComLuv Profile

  37. What a great list! I am THRILLED to see my friends Rachel, Jamie, and Mandi on the list, as well as fellow Simple Mom columnist Lisa. Just when I think I can’t possibly stuff my feed reader any more full . . . well, I guess I am going to have to make more room.

    I think you probably need to pencil yourself and your work at Zen Family Habits in for #30, don’t you, my dear?
    Megan@SortaCrunchy´s last blog ..How to Become a More Intentional Parent My ComLuv Profile

  38. This is a superb list and many new to me so I’ll enjoy looking those blogs over.

    I would add Pat Flynn’s smartpassiveincome.com blog to this list. Pat’s a great guy I have been following for a couple of months and love his work.
    Jason @ forty2fifty.com´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at My ComLuv Profile

  39. Everett Bogue

    You missed Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens. Http://www.rowdykittens.com/

    Tammy writes about simple minimalist living in tiny houses. She has an ebook coming out soon on how to live car-free. Definitely worth subscribing to. You can also follower her on Twitter at @rowdykittens.

    Thanks for listening!
    Everett Bogue´s last blog ..How to Focus on the Important My ComLuv Profile

  40. I may never sleep again! What a fantastic list!! It’s obvious you put a huge amount of time and effort into this. Thank you – there are so many links you included to posts that I have to read NOW!! WOW – so much talent out there. Thanks to everyone who blesses our days with your wisdom, insight and humor! Rock On!

  41. Sherri! What a splendid list. Thanks for including me. At least half of these blogs are familiar faces, and all of the others look like they’re worth investigating. Thank you for introducing so many of to each other, it’s like one huge virtual cocktail party.

    It was wonderful to dine with you and Gwynn before I left. My treat when I get back!

    For my number thirty, I’d suggest keeping an eye on John from HiLife2b He is a smashing young man with a bright future.
    David Cain´s last blog ..Being Alive Puts You at Serious Risk of Death My ComLuv Profile

  42. Mary Canfield

    I agree with Rachel, Sherri. You should be on that list, too.

    Actually, you are at the top of my blog list!

  43. Nice list with definitely some new faces (for me). Thanks for sharing :)
    Oscar – freestyle mind´s last blog ..The Law of Attraction My ComLuv Profile

  44. Wow what a response. I have read each and everyone of your responses and thank YOU all very much.

    I know there are so many other wonderful blogs that I’ve left off this list but I’ll be sure to share them with you all throughout the year.

    Thank you as well for sharing other blogs you think should be #30. There are several I haven’t heard of and will definitely be checking them all out.


  45. Santhi

    Thanks, Sherri. I see more familiar (and fave) faces here than the other list ;) ) I will definitely check out the other bloggers. There are too many #30s for me to list here (my list already shares some people from here ;) ) and of course, you are one of them!

  46. This has been a wonderfully helpful post and I’m enjoying checking out those on the list I hadn’t yet come across. Thanks for sharing more good blogs to read!
    Mummy Zen´s last blog ..Developing Parental Instincts My ComLuv Profile

  47. Great list! I’m going to check out these!
    Mrs. Money´s last blog ..Happy Birthday, Ultimate Money Blog! My ComLuv Profile

  48. Great list, and a few I haven’t heard of yet, will go check them out now!

  49. What a great list, some are my blogging buddies and the others…I need to check out their blogs.

    I would add Steve Aitchison at http://www.ChangeYourThoughts.co.uk/blog He’s awesome, smart and generous.

  50. Tsh

    So many great writers here! You’ve picked some good ones, indeed.

    Love Mandi, Jamie, and Lisa (I may be biased though, hmm? ;) ), and I truly admire dads like Jason and Dustin.

    I also love Corey @ SimpleMarriage.net and Joy @ JoytheBaker.com.
    Tsh´s last blog ..Start Your Day by Eating a Frog My ComLuv Profile

  51. Well, I’m going through this list slowly and digesting a lot of content from the various authors you’ve chosen to feature here. It’s AMAZING how we can enjoy so many varied perspectives, gain small and large insights, and just learn and grow from what others are sharing, all thanks to the internet. I truly believe, based solely on the content of these few blogs (I’m about half way through your list), that this whole phenomenon (internet, blogging) is acting as a catalyst in creating/allowing for more interesting, conscious and aware, and adventuresome people. Our species and planet are surely reaping benefits, as we all are by reading them!

    Thanks for putting this together, and for all the additions in the comments I have yet to read! :)

    ~ Shauna
    Shauna@BreathingProsperity.com: last blog ..Paying Homage to Your Journey My ComLuv Profile

  52. Thanks for the share! Great list of some phenomenal mindspace of the blog world… maybe i should be taking notes :p

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