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16 Responses to “What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything”


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  1. Persistence plays an extremely important part here as well. That helps you to show up as well, and follow through no matter how you’re feeling.
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  2. Sherri, I love this article. You’ve touched on something so important, that it’s okay not to “feel” like doing anything sometimes, that there is something so human about that, and that in fact there is nothing wrong with it.

    Thanks for sharing this, it’s something we all need to be reminded of.

    Miche :)
    Miche | Serenity Hacker´s last blog ..Accepting Suffering and A Call for Compassion My ComLuv Profile

  3. Mary C.

    My intuition tells me this is the way you are feeling, Sherri, but you conquered it by writing about it. Bravo!

    I totally understand! My MIL’s estate sales are over. I took a huge load of stuff and donated it to the thrift shop for the battered women’s shelter. So, next is selling stuff on ebay, and I’m paralyzed with fear.

    Small step tomorrow: Take photos of stuff.


  4. GREAT post! I really needed this one today… So inspiring and motivating!
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  5. beth

    why’s–why is there an apostrophy there?

  6. “Start small”, and “Just keep showing up” are exactly what I need to remind myself of all the time. I should probably tattoo one on each hand, so I have to look at them all day when I’m typing! ;)
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  7. I can definitely identify with the re-connect and re-evaluate. Taking a step back and remembering why…is a good way to decide to keep on going, or to take a break, or to redirect. As a perfectionist-type, it is hard for me to see “some-times” as a success. It usually needs to be “all-times.” But sometimes, you need that something, only sometimes and it is okay to put it aside for a bit.

  8. Not completing things is out of integrity behavior and is worth looking at.
    We often jump into things without looking if we are resourced to take it on.
    I now look if I have time, money, energy, tools and skills to complete a project and if I have answered all with a ‘yes’ I proceed.

    We are seldom aware of what we take on, we just say ‘yes’ and start and then we feel bad when we have over comitted ourselves and cannot complete.
    That is correct to feel that that is not great behavior, no point in finding excuses, but instead of beating ourselve up we could look honestly at what is going on.
    We waste a lot of our time by jumping in, time we claim we do not have.
    And then we have trouble correcting our mistakes and make it worse by hanging on to projects that have no future.
    I agree that once we realize that we no longer want to pursue the completion, the best thing is to let it go.
    That is a great completion in itself and brings us back into integrity.
    Wilma Ham´s last blog ..Questions, the doors to our hearts. My ComLuv Profile

  9. Good tips Sherri, sometimes when I do not feel like doing it, I take a break (day or few days) and decide after that if that task is really needed to be done or not, sometimes I cross it out of my-to-do list without doing it, if it not that critical.
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  10. I’m with Wilma here. Spending time on looking at the required resources before committing is a useful place to begin any project or relationship for that matter.
    And as you say Sherri, if it no longer works for us we have the right to stop doing it. The important part for me here is that it is communicated immediately. How many people decide to stop something and never tell others who are involved, not for a while anyway? Instead they let it dwindle and become so out of integrity with themselves that the mere mention of the project makes them cringe.
    Putting ourselves first; coming from the heart will have our projects work out whether we complete them or not.
    Ann-Marie´s last blog ..Questions, the doors to our hearts. My ComLuv Profile

  11. Yes, I’m sure A LOT of us can relate to that! Lack of motivation can certainly make mount washmore feel unclimbable.
    Hugs to all the mothers out there!
    Juggling Motherhood´s last blog ..Q&A: Discovery Dates My ComLuv Profile

  12. I know that when I start getting overwhelmed, I tend to stop making any forward progress whatsoever. I have to remind myself that every wall began with a single stone, and I just have to keep stacking those stones.
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  13. How timely this is! I’ve recently been re-evaluating my blogging, because it’s been seeming like a drag and my intent was for it to be a creative outlet as a SAHM. I do just keep showing up. Maybe I’m just not as motivated right now. I’m trying to sit with it….a super-hard task for me.
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  14. Singing is what helps me keep going on the gray days when I’m feeling down. I just have to remember to do it. The 6 ideas here are helpful as well.
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