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9 Responses to “Show Your Kids You Love Them”


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  1. I love this post, Sherri. These are all really great tips! My favorite, and (at least for me) the most effective has been the first one you mentioned: spending time with my daughter.

    Real, quality time, actually focusing on her and her alone. When she was younger it was coloring together or playing with toys together, or me reading to her. These days, it’s sitting down with her and really talking to her, but more importantly, listening to what she has to say.
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  2. Hi there Sherri.
    Loved this post. My 19 month old daughter just loves to help me around the house.We make the beds, empty the dishwasher, sweep the floors and sort the laundry, together. Her favorite thing is to turn on the washing machine. And when I look her in the eyes and say ‘Thank-you darling’ she brightly smiles back at me so proud of herself and replies ‘helping helping’. Household chores have been so much fun!!! I believe that your time is the most precious thing you can give a child.
    Thanks Sherri for reminding me to focus when playing, appreciate it.
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  3. I love this, Sherri! My favorite is “make them a priority”. To be honest, I’ve fallen short on this one a good bit ever since I started blogging… but I’m making some changes, re-focusing on what matters.

    Fact is, my son is my #1 priority. This is why I gave up the security of a second income in order to be able to home school him. The time I will have with him is going to FLY by, and I want to BE THERE for it.

    Thanks for this beautiful reminder!
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  4. Great post Sherri! My kids are older (17 and 19), but I still try to make time to spend with them that is there time. We go to movies, go for walks, etc. It is amazing the insights that young people have.

  5. I love all the ideas! I make sure that we have a time to ourselves. Yes with all 4! Even if it’s two minutes! Hugs, kisses and love you’s need to be everyday! Sometimes a few times a day when we have bad days!
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  6. Sherri

    I guess we can all improve how we show love to everyone, but kids are especially important!

    My favourite way, and often overlooked because we assume they know already, is to tell them. Tell them what I appreciate about them, how I feel when I watch them, how they make my life more wonderful by being in it.

    Of course a simple ‘I love you’ from time to time doesn’t hurt either!
    Ian | Quantum Learning´s last blog ..Sticks and stones My ComLuv Profile

  7. Mneiae

    This post is absolutely right. My parents have spent most of my childhood working and that means that I was raised by a nanny, a series of babysitters, and daycares. The thing that I wanted most in the world was for my mommy to spend time with me. Now I’m older and my father has retired, so I have been able to spend quality time with him. The best times I have with my parents are when we all talk together over a meal or during a walk. There is nothing more valuable than your time to your kid, though it may not feel like it when they beg for the newest, trendiest toy. Go play in the park. Go swimming. Go to the library and point out all the books you used to love. There is no toy that can beat those memories of my childhood.

  8. Thank you for this post. I think you hit this subject spot on. Kids certainly do need to feel like they are valued, loved, and important. I think this is one of the keys to raising well adjusted children.
    Any tips about how to ajust my attitude about the hard parts? I am in the midst of trying to find a balance between me and my kids. I have two who are very young still, 3yo & 20mos and they still need everything done for them. I definitely feel the little ones pick up on your mood and how you feel even if it isn’t a verbal expression. Nevertheless, I am having trouble keeping my patience level, and taking time to really focus only on them. I know how I want to live, but I am having trouble living it without feeling guilty that I am not doing other household tasks that need to be done or frustraited that I am not doing anything for only myself. Any advice for a parent wrestling with this? Thanks…

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