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  1. I love to organize, but I hate to clean so this was a great post for me. I love the sock idea. I always take one back, put it in the drawer, eventually find the other and forget there was a mate and it becomes a big ol’ mess of lost socks. Great idea!

    Positively Present’s last blog post..who’s afraid of the big, bad past?

  2. These are all great tips! I don’t really have anything terribly useful to add. I just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. I like cleaning, too :)

    Jay Schryer’s last blog post..Mindful Meditation Monday, Week 3

  3. I had #4 happen to me TODAY!!! Although, I would like to point out that I did not forget to replace the trashbag… someone ELSE did (again).


    Great tips here! I like your sock idea… where do you suppose the other sock gets off to from time to time? Like you said, they usually come back.

    Lisis | Quest For Balance’s last blog post..Adventure: Dare To Care!

  4. I don’t mind cleaning too. You get to see what is going on in the house and I love to think while I clean.
    This is not mine but a friend’s. When wiping the counter in the kitchen, wipe all the other surfaces as well, such as the oven, dishwahser and doors of cupboards and fronts of drawers.
    I too have cleaning products in every bathroom and kitchen sink. Love it.

    The sock tip is great, I normally throw the loney sock back into the washing basket. Doesn’t always work though when the sock has slipped under the bed or something. Yours is more fool proof!

    Wilma Ham’s last blog post..How am I going? Anywhere near my 10,000 hours yet?

  5. Sherri,

    Very practical advice. I was amused by the ‘sock board’ idea – worth a try. Placing spare bin bags at the bottom of the bin is so obvious once you point this out. Well done!

    Daphne @ Joyful Days’s last blog post..Energize Your Home and Life with Feng Shui

  6. I love the clean and uncluttered look of your site. I enjoyed your tips, especially the one on lonely socks! Thanks!!

    Evelyn Lim’s last blog post..The School of Life

  7. Hi guys I’m glad you liked the tips. The sock one seems to be a hit :) I have no idea what happens for the longest time I just thought the dryer ate them but they do always seem to come back!

    @ Wilma Ham – Welcome! Thanks for the tip. Doing a little bit each time makes the big cleans a little less of an effort. I love cleaning products under each sink too. :) Thanks for your comment!

  8. Sheri,

    These are some great tips! The sock idea is a hit here, too. I use an old shoe box but I must admit, I tend to toss socks in there and not look for the match… then buy more socks.

    ann elise’s last blog post..guilt-free banana bread (but your family will never suspect it’s good for them)

  9. @ ann elise – I like the idea of a shoe box as well at least the socks don’t roam around the house or drawers; but yes the bulletin board makes them all a little more visible :)

  10. @ Daphne – I’m glad you liked it the sock one does seem to be a hit! So many things are so obvious once they’re pointed out aren’t they? I love it! :)

    @ Evelyn – Thanks for your kind words. We’re pretty happy with the new look of our site. I think Gwynn did a great job implementing all my changes. And yay another vote for the sock board! :)

  11. It really is amazing how much difference a quick twenty minutes can make.

    I often put off cleaning because I feel like I have more important things to do, but I never feel like I’ve wasted my time once I’m done. It cleans the mind too.

    David Cain’s last blog post..This Will Never Happen Again

  12. @ David Cain – 20 minutes is usually all it takes to freshen things up a bit. It always feels great once you’re done. :)

  13. Oh my GOSH! I am IN LOVE with the socks on the cork board idea! Do you have any idea how many little girl socks are running around the drawers with no mates? Oh my word. I think you just changed my life.

    I do not enjoy cleaning but I do employ many of these other tips and I find it makes my time spent cleaning go so much more quickly – always a good thing.

    Megan at Simple Kids’s last blog post..June 5th: SK Showcase and Weekend Links

  14. @ Megan – Welcome! LOL I’m so glad you liked it! Who knew a post on household handy hints would be life changing? ;) Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment!

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