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  1. Awesome! I have THE spreadsheet too, or one like it, anyway. The tricky part for me is usually the tracking of expenses. Sometimes I get busy, or just don’t feel like doing it… then it piles up and gets overwhelming.

    Gotta get better about slow and steady progress.


    Lisis | Quest For Balance’s last blog post..Why Religion Is Irrelevant

  2. Great advice! Flexibility and being on the same page as your spouse are both very important. Both partners must be fully engaged in the budgeting process for it to work. A rigid budget will die a quick death!

    There are several options beyond just using a spreadsheet to track one’s budget. I use YNAB Pro to plan and track my monthly budget. It works great for me.

    Jeff@MySuperChargedLife’s last blog post..Top 10 Reasons Living With Debt — BITES!

  3. Ahh, after discussing my shopping problem on my blog yesterday this is JUST what I needed! Thank you!! I’m printing this now and I’m going to get to work on creating a budge that works for me.

    Positively Present’s last blog post..happiness (is not) for sale!

  4. @ Lisis – At least you have a budget, that’s a huge first step. Tying the tracking with payday helps to keep us on track at most we are only ever 2 weeks behind.

    @ Jeff – That’s awesome I’m glad you’ve found a system that works. I’m not familiar with YNAB but having had a quick look at it it looks fairly straight forward. Thanks for the tip!

    @ PP – That’s great! I hope it works out for you it’s amazing how quickly you can get further ahead financially when you have a budget that works.

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