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11 Responses to “How You Can Become A Catalyst For Change”


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  1. You know what? I think you have just enlightened me somewhat. I’ve spent the past few months rejecting all the changes in my life, and have even begun to thought that I just don’t like change very much. But upon reading your opening paragraph, especially the last sentence:

    “…you are more likely to be accepting of change if you are the creator and you are more likely to oppose it when it is forced upon you.”

    I can feel how true that is. During the changes in my life that *I* have made, I have embraced change whole-heartedly. But whenever a change hasn’t been my idea, then I have fought against it.

    I have no problem being a catalyst for change when the change is my doing. Perhaps I can learn to accept the other changes in my life by (someway, somehow) turning them into things that I have chosen. I wonder if this is possible? Hmmm…much thinking I have to do on this subject! :)

    Thank you for inspiring me!

    Jay Schryer’s last blog post..7 Things

  2. Change of course is inevitable. Everything changes, including ourselves. So anything other than acceptance and creation of our own changes is a huge waste of energy. Like Canute holding back the tide.

    Personally I welcome change when I’m prepared and when I have an influence in it. I do know I get suspicious and resistant to imposed change .. even if it’s good for me.

    Ian | Quantum Learning’s last blog post..Power of beliefs

  3. This is an interesting post, Sherri. I have never had any problems with change. I always managed to just go with the flow. I have had moments where change was hard but I never resisted it. My husband is the same way so to me it is not a big deal but when it comes to my father, it is a different story. He is so resistant to change and he is so unhappy. I think a lot of unhappiness is due to people insisting that certain things in life have to look a certain way.

    Nadia – Happy Lotus’s last blog post..Be Undeniably Good

  4. I loved this post. Changing can be very hard, but the list you provided is very helpful. Making a change can really be affected by attitude. I wrote about this on my blog today. Check out “Change Your Attitude, Change the World” at http://positivelypresent.typepad.com

    Positively Present’s last blog post..change your attitude, change the world

  5. Hey, Sherri! How did you get a picture of my living room to use for this post?

    I’ve learned the hard way that change just happens. It’s part of life, the universe and everything. The Buddhists say, “Nothing lasts.” Kierkegaard would say that there is only ONE thing that is permanent and immutable: The Good (aka: Love).

    Either way, most of the things we get attached to (people, things, ideas, opinions, hopes and dreams) are all subject to change. Trying to resist that is like attempting to hold back the tide.

    Whether we like it or not, change will happen… so we might as well like it.

    Lisis | Quest For Balance’s last blog post..Adventure: Aim To Help, Learn To Love

  6. Hi Sherri,

    Normally I’m not afraid of change because I like to live life deliberately. I can imagine if I was just floating through life I would be afraid of change in case I floated in the wrong direction.

    But occasionally I get an inner nudge to do something or go somewhere and I get scared because it will mean a massive change. I know I should listen to my intuition but I don’t always have the courage. About a month ago I had this strong inner urge to go to Korea and teach English for a year. But I didn’t do it.

    Thanks for the great tips.

    Tom Maurer | Simple and Spiritual’s last blog post..The World Isn’t Out To Get You

  7. @ Jay – I’m glad you liked it and found it helpful. Resisting change doesn’t really get you very far and it certainly doesn’t make you happy.
    @ Ian – Agreed! Change is inevitable the key is finding a way to accept it and be open to it when it’s not self imposed. :)
    @ Nadia – That’s great going with the flow can certainly eliminate so much stress and as a result you’re calmer and happier! Being so set in your way results in the complete opposite!
    @ Positively Present – Attitude is a good point and goes back to what Jay was saying about trying to find a way to turn imposed changes into something he’s chosen.
    @ Lisis – LOL! You touch on a great point also, attachment. It is our attachment to the ideas of how somethings should play out that causes us the most unhappiness. “This too shall pass” is a great phrase and doesn’t only apply to the bad times but also to the good times. Nothing lasts forever and change is inevitable, we just need to figure out how to accept that.
    @ Tom – Living life deliberately – LOVE it! Yes I can see going to Korea for a year from New Zealand would be a huge change! But just because you didn’t jump on the opportunity this time you might next time! Sometimes the most rewarding things in life happen when you take the road less traveled!

    Thank you all for such wonderful comments!

  8. Interesting post! There is no way to avoid change, but we often try hard to avoid it.

    I really like your point about change being easier to accept if we are the cause of the change. I hadn’t thought of that before.

    Roger – A Content Life’s last blog post..What’s Your Favorite Charity?

  9. Wonderful stuff Sherri. I read it twice!

    Stephen – Rat Race Trap’s last blog post..Top 10 Ways To Grow Your Brain

  10. @ Roger – Thanks I’m glad you liked it. When I first heard that I thought well of course, why didn’t I see that before? We all like to control as much as we can, I think that’s human nature, so to have something change outside of our control is a little harder to accept. Once we accept the idea that we in fact control very little, the more laid back I think we get when change is thrust upon us.

    @ Stephen – I’m flattered and glad you liked it…twice! :)

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