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19 Responses to “Selfless Acts-Do Something Nice to Restore Faith in Humanity”


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  1. You’re right that we’re self absorbed. We worry about our petty daily problems while millions around the world worry about where they’ll find their next meal. We sit on our couches watching TV while some are huddled in a basement praying that a bomb doesn’t land on them. It’s bizarre really.

    So I’d place more emphasis on the volunteering aspect. It’s the least we can do.

    I saw a study once that found that people who do some sort of volunteer work actually live longer than those who don’t – so it’s actually good for your health too!

    Julian’s last blog post..This Post Will NOT Change Your Life

  2. Thanks for your comment Julian. There are very few things that actually give you a real connection with people. We’ve donated money to charities and find that, while it’s important, it’s so impersonal. We’ve found it to be more fulfilling to donate our time (volunteering) since there’s that connection with the people you’re actually helping.

    I know not selfless then right? I don’t know if there are any truly selfless acts as most things you do for another person, at the very least, should make you feel good.

  3. I recently touched on my blog about how a blogger shoudl focus on providing value to his or her readers instead of focusing on making money, and the response was huge. (For me, at least)

    I think that a lot of people WANT to be selfless, they just don’t have the courage to do it before others. I think that leading by example is key here. My wife worked at Starbucks, and witnessed firsthand the pay it forward experience, as a lady paid for the next customer, and this continued for a few hours.

    Trey – Swollen Thumb Entertainment’s last blog post..Top 10 Problems With The Movie Industry

  4. Trey that’s a great point to try and hit home with people! When we sat down to figure out what we wanted Serene Journey to be, we thought win-win. We benefit personally by clarifying our thoughts, hashing out what’s important, refocusing and learning new things; and we genuinely want our readers to take away something meaningful from our articles as well.

    We’re still fairly new at this but we’re really focused on adding value and keeping things simple. As it turns out we’re benefiting immensely from this experience already.

    Thanks a lot for your comment and I just LOVE that pay it forward example. It’s great to see that a little selfless act can affect so many people for HOURS. I’m sure everyone involved got something HUGE out of it!

  5. Thanks for having this website.
    I stumbled across your website and I have to say it was great see your post.
    People today worry about them self and put others last.
    There’s nothing better than to see the smile of person you just helped “just because” or hear a sincere thank you.
    I do something every year to boost Christmas Spirit Http://www.bikerclaus.com
    It makes people smile and gives me a warm feeling as well.

    Thank you for being a giving person.


  6. @ Kent – What a lovely comment thank you! I couldn’t agree with you more about the smile of someone you’ve helped selflessly. I’ve checked out your site bikerclaus and I think it’s GREAT! The pictures are fabulous and you guys are doing a lot of good by the looks of it. :) Thank you for such a lovely comment!

  7. This was my favorite line: “it’s the little, simple and inexpensive things that sometimes leave the biggest impact.”

    Thanks for the good read, Sherri!
    Nate St. Pierre´s last blog ..Real People, Not Social Media My ComLuv Profile

  8. Thanks Nate I’m glad you liked it! I love what you’re doing over at it starts with us. Fabulous!

  9. I have always done all the things listed above and had no idea I was being selfless. I was just being me. Thanks for making me aware of a title (not that I need it, in fact this will probably be the last time I mention it about myself because I am so anti-”titles” However, it is always goo on the path to enlightenment to know you have reached pinnacle goals. My goal, to be like Jesus. I am not a Christian but the writings of this man are amazing and I believe he was truly a beacon of light and the way we should try to be. While he disappeared from age 12-30 I believe his travels took him through several countries such as India and possibly Tibet area and was exposed to several religions. This is what made him so accommodating to so many different types of people. To understand the words he spoke you must study other religions. Anyway, I’m on a tangent…So sorry. Thanks for posting your article. Our society is narcissistic, selfish, and needed some advice.

  10. “Love it. is a book designed to encourage you to examine where you are right now and inspire you to get to where you ultimately want to be.”
    You can read more about it?

  11. Lexy

    I have been selfless my entire life but as I have got older my faith in humanity is now into minus figures. The human race never ceases to amaze me. The amount of evil, underhanded and brutal deeds humankind inflict on each other makes me ashamed to call myself human.

    I have tried time and again to do good as it comes naturally but when an injustice has been done to people or to myself I feel so hopeless, so helpless and very angry, like “what’s the point in doing good when there is so much bad out there?”

    It seems that everytime I give people the benefit of the doubt, I am disappointed and deeply saddened by how much hurt humans are capable of dishing out to their own species.

    The idea of doing good is wasted on the majority of people in this world. Most people are out for themselves and would sell their granny for a fiver. I feel like giving up…

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