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  1. Hi, Sherri! I was coming to your site to look for one of your posts to add to one of mine, when I ran into this and realized you included me on here! I sure do appreciate that. I also think this kind of post is a wonderful idea and a valuable resource for readers, to point them towards other wonderful blogs in our “community.”

    I need to compile something like this for my readers as well. It’s like a mini-blog carnival!! Great idea!!

    Thanks again,

  2. Hi Lisis,
    Thanks I’m glad you like the idea of this post. I always like sharing what we’ve learned and interesting reads and now with the blog we can do it here!

    Yours was a really good post. We all want the absolute best for our kids but it’s good to be reminded that they are their own little people and they have their own little lives to figure out. It’s up to us as parents to give them the tools and support to become responsible, contributing members of society. But really what they do as a profession is up to them. Hopefully it’s something they’re passionate about.

  3. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

    I wanted to let you (and Gwynn) know that my blog is moving to its new WordPress home so that you can update your blogroll and visit me at the new site:

    Same stuff, new look. Gotta “grow up” sometime, right?

    Lisis – My Quest For Balance’s last blog post..A Simple Kitchen: One Pan, Five Healthy Meals

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