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  1. Hi Sherri,
    You have a solid list of stress relievers!
    I like how you emphasize having a set game plan (tips 3,9,10) in order to effectively minimize stress.

    Organizing your day, week, month, year is useful because you now have road maps for success with minimal guesswork.

    I’m a huge fan of exercising and cannot stress(no pun intended) enough the importance of keeping your body fit.
    To balance it out, being “still” is a great way to keeping your mind fit too. Meditation is great

    One of my favorite is trying to be “flexible” in stressful moments so that I can respond effectively or else like you said Sherri…we’ll all get stressed out.

    Vincent @ Yinnergy’s last blog post..Productive H.A.B.I.T. Reinforcements (PHR 101)

  2. Hi Vincent
    Thanks for the kind words. I really need structure and order to my world without it I get a little tense. Having a daily outline keeps me calm and relatively stress free, but like you say there is that need for flexibility.

    I had a look at your site and it looks really nice. I think you’re off to a great start! Good luck with the writing and thanks again for your comment!

  3. Hey Sherri,
    Great list. I had alot of stress in my life, but I have learned to “compartmentalize” alot of it. It is not an easy technique to master, but for the most part I’d say my life is 99.99% stress-free.

    I know a few other “stress relievers”, but I’m not sure this is the place to list those out. ;-)

  4. FupDuck, it’s awesome that you’ve found a way to successfully deal with the stress in your life and that you’re now living pretty stress free.

    I also thank you for not explicitly listing your other “stress relievers” ;) Thanks for stopping by again!

  5. I fully agree with having structure and I’m inspired to be more organized after reading your post.

    Thank you for visiting my site and I hope to keep in interesting and fun Sherri

    Vincent @ Yinnergy’s last blog post..Productive H.A.B.I.T. Reinforcements (PHR 101)

  6. Vincent that’s great I’m glad you’re inspired! Thanks for popping back in!

  7. Sherri,

    Great post! Learning to let go of stress is such a good thing. In addition to some of your points I would say while organization is good it’s also good to sometimes just our days flow. As you said Meditation and sometimes losing control are good ways to find that flow.

    Thanks again.

    Kevin (SpiritintheVillage)’s last blog post..Finding and Living your Passion – An Introduction

  8. Thanks so much for your comment Kevin. I agree that flow is good too and I’m really trying not to stress when things don’t go according to my daily plan. An outline with some flexibility is what I’m aiming for. Thanks again for stopping by!

  9. Sherri,

    Nice post! I think meditation is particularly effective.

    It also helps to expect to feel stressed at times and not fight it. Ironically, I find that this helps reduce the stress.

    Roger – A Content Life’s last blog post..13 Tips For Making Exercise a Habit

  10. Hi Roger! Yeah meditation is a big one! I don’t do it as often as I would like that is something I really should start scheduling…at least until it becomes a habit. I like you’re point about expecting it as well that is so true!
    Thanks for you comment.

  11. Hi Sherri,

    Great ideas and a very thoughtful post. We tend to “clutter” our minds with far too many expectations. Stopping to realize that real control comes from within us allows us to stop the madness we call stress.

    Meditation is great for relieving stress. Telling yourself that you “Have” to meditate can actually be a detriment. I rarely have time or the mental calmness to spend more than 15-30 minutes to meditate. I find that even stopping for a few moments to just focus on my breathing whenever I feel the beginnings of stress can just as effective.

    Thank you for your thoughts,

    Roger – The Buddhist one’s last blog post..How Does a Microwave Work?

  12. Thanks Roger and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I too find sitting still with no distractions even for 5 minutes does wonder for calming the chatter in my head. Focusing on breathing is something you really can do anywhere (not formal meditation) and doing it as you start to feel stress creep in can certainly keep the “madness” at bay.
    Thanks for your comment!

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